Saturday, March 3, 2012

Selfish Relaxation time: Reading

With our busy go-go-go lives, it's hard to find time to sit down and read a book. But reading is a very vital skill to keep alive and active. If you think you just can't find time to read, here's a couple of ideas to show you where reading time can be squeezed into even the most busiest of schedules.
Find time to read
  • 1- Have a  doctor or dentist appointment? Take a small paperback, or the electronic ereader of your choice, with you and grab a page or two while waiting in the waiting room. Not only will the wait seem to fly by, but you'll stay more relaxed and less nervous about the visit.
  • 2- If you take a bus anywhere, bring along a book instead, or as well as, your music player. Reading is a great way to make the wait time shorter, plus if it's a long bus trip, a little entertainment along the way is always appreciated.
  • 3- Lunch breaks at work are a simple way to make sure you read a little everyday. Pull out, microwave, or purchase your meal (or snack) and sit down in a quiet corner where you can pull out your book and disappear into the words while eating. Even your mind will appreciate the break from work.
  • 4- This idea is a little tricky, but if you can pull it off safely a warm relaxing bath is also a great way to escape with a story for a while. Just be careful not to accidentally drop your book, or e-reader, into the water.
  • 5- Lastly, reading at night is a classic way to find alone time. Not only is it a great way to relax before sleeping, the back and forth movement of your eyes will actually make falling asleep easier. Just be sure to make your "Good-night story" isn't too suspenseful or scary - The point is to fall asleep, not keep you awake longer wanting to know what happens or cause bumps in the night.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Recession friendly .99 eBook Club

In the midst of the .99 and cheaper books available on the web, and things being what they are in the financial world, buying a novel for the average retail price of $25+ is just not practical for many right now.

So, my assistant and I have decided to take full advantage and start an internet book club catering to the avid readers we know and love and expose not only ourselves but our friends and others to the plethora of reading wealth now on the market. While it is true that we may find some 'bombs' it is also very possible that we will find some incredible gems that we would otherwise never even consider.

We are excited about building this community of people together, all of whom love to read and wanting make some new friends with which to discuss and share our love of the written word.

Please come check out the website, take a look at what we think will be a very successful book club, and hopefully you will like what you see and join. It's absolutely free to become a member and participate, the only real cost to you is for the book that we all read together and your time (many of the suggested eBooks are FREE)

Thank you,