Things I do besides writing ...

I like to bake. I don't always get 'professional results' but I usually enjoy what I end up with...

1 of four stacks o' cupcake plates.

Reese's peanutbutter cup filled cupcakes all finally  finished. Starting on the chocolate dipped strawberry cupcakes in the background.

Reese's peanutbutter cup filled double-chocolate cupcakes. Fresh chocolate whipped cream w/ ganache` on top. Dee-lish!!

One chocolate dipped strawberry tucked inside, fresh whipped vanilla cream swirl on top, sugared sliced strawberry to finish. Pretty and delicious. Too bad I'm allergic to strawberries isn't it?

Extra large cup cupcakes. It's kind of hard to tell but each is 4" across and 4+ " tall. Always a favorite no matter the flavor.

1 dozen done, I made three dozen in this batch for my sweetheart's company party. They were all very happily received.

Turkey decorated sugar cookies at Thanksgiving.

Candy filled Easter basket bundt cake. The grand-babies all loved this one.

((I must apologize for the photo quality of the pictures. Most of the time I just use my cell phone. I could use my camera, but I always have my cell with me and I don't always know where my camera is hiding.))

And then there was this one time, when I pretended to know how to carve a watermelon.

Drawing the main design all the way around before cutting to be sure they would all fit.

First piece out of many. Sticking with very basic shapes was a good idea I think.

Trimming off the green skin, down to the cut line.

Beginning on cutting out more of the design. I'm pretty much just free handing the cut outs, as I didn't really have a 'planned' piece, just a general idea of what I wanted it to look like when it was done.

Tiny notches and detail for a bit of flair. LOL

Yikes, cutting out the first flower. 
I had seen it done before so I was pretty sure as to how to proceed but actually holding the knife and getting a feel for the 'carving' required a lot more finesse than I first thought.

Trim a bit of the extra pieces into a teardrop leaf shape.

VOILĂ€! The finished piece. My FIRST EVER watermelon carving.


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