Friday, December 2, 2011

Twitter Confuses me

I’ve been told I need to ‘tweet’ because apparently that’s what all the cool kids are doing nowadays. So I reluctantly joined, said my introduction and watched the conversation on my screen roll forward.

I make comments, no one replies. I watch the conversation roll on again.
So far what I see is a lot of people sucker punching their promo ads at anyone who will listen (or read in this case).
It’s boring people!

When I was first approached about tweeting I was told it’s where people connect, quickly chat about their day in short bursts of conversation, post where the good food is located in their city, what their watching on tv tonight, etc. I thought that it might be kind of fun so I researched the proper etiquette about tweeting and signed myself up.

I don’t get it. Is my twitter broken?

Doesn’t anyone out there on the internet have anything absolutely redundant to say about their lives?
Was I misinformed?  Am I doing it wrong?

Someone, please set me straight on this.

Thank you



  1. I have to agree. I just don't get it. With all the @ and # and their purpose and my twitter feed is just full of promos. Nothing interesting whatsoever. I'll stick with Facebook where people actually converse.

  2. I get a constant diet of just promoting on Twitter about everything, only a few ever actually make viable comments. I was sent an email about a website that will post your Twitter promo eight+ times a day for $19. Now I wonder how many are honest to goodness people or just some randomizing scripts filling my feed. Twitter fails me. I agree with sticking with Facebook, I love my people there and the convo is almost always interesting.